20 September 2016

Burning Memories.


Today we had a lovely location shoot with graphic T-shirt label Dazey LA up in the Hollywood hills and afterwards me and Sara decided to stick around up there. We really needed to get up high and out the way of the hot city. Being in LA can get a bit much at times and you find yourself craving fresh air. It's important for me to find open spaces so I can take a moment, reflect on everything that's going on and re-connect with nature again. As always our trip back out here has been beautiful, we have been able to revisit our friends and lucky enough to work with new gorgeous people too. Most of our experiences have left me feeling warm and full of gratuity. I feel very thankful that we have been able to travel to California three times this year. It's not been without a lot of stress, hard work and tears but I'd say it's been worth it. Sorry, I'm being all reflective.

One of the more sensible things we have been doing out here, has been vintage buying for Waiste. This teal woollen waistcoat is one of my favourite finds and will soon be available to buy over on www.waiste.co.uk. Layering it over old rock t-shirts is rad, but I can see it looking insane over white cheesecloth dresses as well. 

Also Sara came back this morning buzzing from a strong black coffee and a meeting with With The Band - a lovely LA based head band label, so here I am wearing one their pieces. I love tying things around my head, so naturally I put one of these on and then, that was it.

So as I said, the lovely vintage waistcoat will be coming soon to Waiste Vintage. My felt fedora is by Pip and Oblique via The Shop on Melrose. Head band by With The Band, my vintage Harley t-shirt is from a Rokit in London. 

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