15 September 2016

Dream Weaver.

It's always nice when your entire outfit is made up of found, handmade or vintage pieces. You've collected things from all your travels so every little thing has a story behind it. When it all comes together - you couldn't get a more of a unique look. It's nice to take a minute and photograph these outfits, so you can actually admire and appreciate what you have got. Knowing that it all wasn't bought from a trend, or mannequin in a shop window but instead you have built it yourself from your own preferences, imagination and tastes. It deserves a fucking pat on the back to be honest, and I will always take my many hats off to anyone who really sorts out their own style that's unique to them. To hell with these retail trends, it's so boring and lame. My favourite super power is my imagination. 

Quite a lot going on here, so will credit it all as best I can. Vintage Flounce Sleeve Crop - Awake Vintage, found at Rose Bowl Flea Market, LA. Shredded Denim Shorts are old Topshop. Vintage Belt from Silver Hardware, found in Topshop, Oxford Circus, London. Sterling Silver Shell Bracelet - Washed Ashore Adornments via Joplin Creative. Mini Suede Pouch found at Melrose Trading Post, LA. Aviators - Squaresville, LA. Nude Choker - Pretty Little Thing.com Straw Fedora by Brixton.com. 

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