4 September 2016

Gone West.

Last time in LA, I tried on this hat and I didn't buy it. It was the last week of our trip and I was skint - (too many Tequila Sunrises) and could just about scrap enough money together for a 7 Eleven hot dog. At the time it made sense not to buy, but man did I really regret this when I got back to England. See the thing with me is, I have a huge head. Oh really you exclaim?! Yes my babes, it's true. A rare occurrence took place when I tried on this hat, it actually fitted - PERFECTLY. Hats that fit like this, don't come around often. Trust me I know, I have loads on my wall at home and not one of them fits my properly. I was kept awake many, many nights. I tossed and turned with floating images of this cream dream hat flying around in my mind. Anyway, cut a long tedious story short - I'm back in LA, and the hat is mine!!!

My hat is from 'The Shop' on Melrose and the vintage cheesecloth shirt I picked up from American Vintage - this is one of my many favourite vintage spots in LA, it's also based on Melrose. Thanks to WE ARE COW Vintage back in England for my lovely 100% suede fringed shorts. Boots are Toga Pulla and silver jewellery is mainly from my girl over at Gypsy Silver

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