26 September 2016

Low Tide.

Nothing like a feminine dress, toughened up with boyish accessories and all your trusty silver jewellery. It's what I can't help but do, every time. Must be the tomboy in me. 

I like low commitment with my summer style, so this low back, loose fitting maxi dress is perfect for me. I really get drawn to clothes I know I can just put on, and feel confident in knowing that they just work and use their own brain and initiative to look good. When the weather is hot, who has time to be fussing around? I caught my dress in the sale, over on Planet Blue. It's by their own label Blue Life. 

The back and shoulders are my favourite part of the body for a women, so naturally low back cuts always find their way to my wardrobe. I also don't really wear bras so this dress lends itself perfectly to me with it's barely there top half. I won't be battling with exposed bra straps anytime soon. I did have to hunt down some body tape to avoid the old nip slip kerfuffle. I am all for FREE THE NIPPLE so I don't really care, it was more for the group of men that lurk outside the liquor store on Hollywood and Kingsley. Obviously didn't want to subject the poor fellas to such an obscenity.  If you want more of an interesting, Russian roulette sort of day then forget the body tape. 

So! Low Back Maxi Dress by Blue Life at Planet Blue. Kayla Cap by Brixton Women's. Vintage Silver 'E' from Gypsy Silver. Lion's Tooth Pendant I picked up in South Africa. Native American Silver and Turquoise Ring is from Skylark in Venice, LA. 

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