8 September 2016

Sun Drenched.

These jeans just came out the tumble dryer, and took me a long time to get on so note to self - don't bother washing these again until absolute necessary and avoid the tumble dryer. I can't be dealing with spending five minutes in the LA climate, pulling these up and over my hips and ass! Although I'm not denying that bell bottoms should be worn fitting like seal skin; the tighter the better but lets just not focus on the 'getting into them' part.

The 'I don't care, but I do care' way of getting dressed, nods to my favourite muses (but not to pigeon hole myself to a certain look) makes this my easy go to outfit. High waist flared denim, with a loosely buttoned up shirt. Unruly shaggy hair and lots of silver jewellery. It's sorta rough and ready, but still has a little femininity.

I found my vintage reptile print shirt in store at  Blitz London, while my flare jeans are old season H&M. Necklaces and silverware from Gypsy Silver - of course!

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