30 October 2016

Lost Boy.

Sometimes you need those night time uniforms. 

Photo set by Hannah Mae Clark, taken from a series we have been working recently. 

Shaggy Knit Cardigan - Warehouse


14 October 2016

Star Gazer.

If you know me, then you’ll notice I don’t really faff around. I don’t like rushing and it’s rare that I’m outwardly stressed about things. I of course am inside sometimes, but I think my exterior shows calmness and a chilled demeanour. Maybe too chilled. Like a half-baked Sloth.

Well today I wasn’t me, and in the opposite words of BeyoncĂ©, I certainly wasn’t ‘feeling myself’. I’ve been making scatty and irrational decisions. I frantically called up American Apparel this morning and ask to put a million jeans on hold, I went by to try them all on and then didn’t buy any of them. Instead I spent an obscene amount on an unnecessary bodysuit. Because, yeah I really needed to invest in a semi sheer American Apparel bodysuit, instead of new jeans. This jean trying on frenzy led me to not only break a sweat, but to be late to meet my friend. I also decided before leaving the house, that not bothering with dry shampoo was a cool idea. After all, greasy roots are really in this season. You know, that wet look… The list of strange behaviour goes on.

Anyway here I am hanging out Notting Hill, acting like I’ve got it all together. Please ignore my grown out greasy roots and focus instead, on my lovely sparkly boots. Firstly I LOVE sock boots, high rise yet tight fitting around the ankle makes for the ultimate flattering shape. Public Desire have brought out these affordable babies in a lovely sparkly material. I opted for a rich navy, as an ode to my beloved Topshop sock boots that I wear to death.

Wearing layered over jeans like I did here, is super snug and gives a seamless and slick finish to your outfit. But I love these with bare legs too, so are perfect with sweeping maxi dresses with a thigh split and what not.

In case you have been under a rock, then the cold air is here! So it’s time for the old sheepskin jacket to come out of its coffin. The coffin being a dark place where all my winter clothes go i.e. a box under my bed. It’s vintage of course, and pretty standard. I usually like to stick to a 70s shape but mine here is more 80s. They are the warmest of coats, so a true investment piece and a great staple for your Autumn/Winter wardrobe.


6 October 2016

Lie Dormant.

Today I felt it. There was a strong hint. It whipped around my neck and lifted up my hair, I struggled to keep my hat on. Autumn was in the air  bringing along with it that swirling chill that we all know oh so well. I've never been good at good byes, in fact I'm terrible at them and letting go of Summer was as hard as it always is. It's that time of year where I become one of those people who always have a hand on their head, holding their hat down firmly to stop it from being carried away in a leafy blast. Should just give up with hats in this blustering weather, but the thought of my head and face being out there in the open makes me only want to hibernate even more. My latest trick though, to help with keeping that hat a little more steady, is to wear a head scarf underneath. Gives your fedora a much snugger fit and looks really nice as well. My head scarf worn in this post, is a scrap of material that I found back in Spring that I decided would by tied around my head for the unforeseeable future. This, is the best I can do. My A/W style wont make any extravagant, cutting edge promises, but it will be sure to remain true to itself. 

My extra wide brim fedora is from The Shop, on Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles. My chunky cardigan is from ASOS, while my caftan striped dress is from LA based label Lovestitch. My suede sock boots are Topshop but I've added my own boot buckles that my friend brought me from Bali. My belt is vintage and from Vintage Hardware at Topshop, Oxford Circus. 


3 October 2016

Mildly Wild.

You've gotta keep these expeditions light and airy. When you're heading off on a journey unknown then be sure to pack your straw hat, all your silver, some really nice sandwiches and of course a REALLY cute dress. 

The white wrap dress (saw me safely through my LA adventure) and nude choker are both from Pretty Little Thing. My suede fringed waist coat is from Peekaboo Vintage, and I found it in the basement of Topshop, Oxford Circus. My straw 'Booker' fedora is from Brixton via the guys at Out Of Step Ltd. My clam shell sterling silver bracelet is by Washed Ashore Adornments via Joplin Creative LA. Yay! 

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