28 November 2016

Hillside with Dazey LA.

I know last time Sara and I were in LA, Sara worked on a mini shoot with Danielle Nagel - owner and graphic designer of T-shirt company Dazey LA. This time around, after bumping into her many times at the local coffee shop, Danielle suggested another shoot this time including myself. It's always rad when me and Sara get to shoot together. It's always fun collaborating with other creative in LA, as you often get shown new areas and locations to shoot - places you wouldn't necessarily know about otherwise. This time we headed up into the dreamy Hollywood Hills. 

The overall design vibes of the T- shirts take inspiration from 1970s posters, retro graphics and vintage t-shirts so easily fits in with mine and Sara's 'twinng' styles. I cannot explain to you the importance of a T-shirt, I'd probably go as far as saying its my favourite item of clothing. The T-shirt is unconditional, and can be worn whatever the mood! 

All T-shirts and sweaters are Dazey LA

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