14 October 2016

Star Gazer.

If you know me, then you’ll notice I don’t really faff around. I don’t like rushing and it’s rare that I’m outwardly stressed about things. I of course am inside sometimes, but I think my exterior shows calmness and a chilled demeanour. Maybe too chilled. Like a half-baked Sloth.

Well today I wasn’t me, and in the opposite words of Beyoncé, I certainly wasn’t ‘feeling myself’. I’ve been making scatty and irrational decisions. I frantically called up American Apparel this morning and ask to put a million jeans on hold, I went by to try them all on and then didn’t buy any of them. Instead I spent an obscene amount on an unnecessary bodysuit. Because, yeah I really needed to invest in a semi sheer American Apparel bodysuit, instead of new jeans. This jean trying on frenzy led me to not only break a sweat, but to be late to meet my friend. I also decided before leaving the house, that not bothering with dry shampoo was a cool idea. After all, greasy roots are really in this season. You know, that wet look… The list of strange behaviour goes on.

Anyway here I am hanging out Notting Hill, acting like I’ve got it all together. Please ignore my grown out greasy roots and focus instead, on my lovely sparkly boots. Firstly I LOVE sock boots, high rise yet tight fitting around the ankle makes for the ultimate flattering shape. Public Desire have brought out these affordable babies in a lovely sparkly material. I opted for a rich navy, as an ode to my beloved Topshop sock boots that I wear to death.

Wearing layered over jeans like I did here, is super snug and gives a seamless and slick finish to your outfit. But I love these with bare legs too, so are perfect with sweeping maxi dresses with a thigh split and what not.

In case you have been under a rock, then the cold air is here! So it’s time for the old sheepskin jacket to come out of its coffin. The coffin being a dark place where all my winter clothes go i.e. a box under my bed. It’s vintage of course, and pretty standard. I usually like to stick to a 70s shape but mine here is more 80s. They are the warmest of coats, so a true investment piece and a great staple for your Autumn/Winter wardrobe.

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