28 November 2016

Fringing On.

A suede FRINGED jacket is a staple for me, it's pretty much a uniform piece. It's on the same 'go to' level with my leather biker jackets but offers a softer more feminine alternative. If you're looking to bring in a vintage, dusty desert, smokey cowboy, LA lady, blue jean baby, Lana Del Ray-y, bohemian dream queen, vibe to your wardrobe then you will absolutely need one of these in your life. For very little work indeed, you can totally retro babe up your life by adding this over pretty much any base outfit. Try trusty Levi's 501s or your favourite dress.

Aim for a vintage suede jacket if you can as that's always the better option in my opinion, but I do understand finding a really good fit with vintage jackets can be a task, but it is do-able. I found this one above, on WE ARE COW's website. As far as great condition, reasonably priced vintage clothing goes, then WE ARE COW is a one stop shop - they stock vintage that fits all trends, not just bohemian 1970s so if your more into your 1990s sportswear (although if your a follower of this blog, you probably aren't) then you're be in your element.

Suede Tan Fringed Vintage Jacket - WE ARE COW.
Dusty Pink T-shirt - Zara Basics.
Vintage Levi's 501s - Peekaboo Vintage.
Blue Suede Sock Boots - Topshop.
Boot Buckle and Chain Straps - Custom made and  brought back from Bali.
Various Silver - Gypsy Silver, Skylark Venice Beach, WE ARE COW.
Aviators - Squaresville Vintage Store, Loz Feliz, Los Angeles.


Hillside with Dazey LA.

I know last time Sara and I were in LA, Sara worked on a mini shoot with Danielle Nagel - owner and graphic designer of T-shirt company Dazey LA. This time around, after bumping into her many times at the local coffee shop, Danielle suggested another shoot this time including myself. It's always rad when me and Sara get to shoot together. It's always fun collaborating with other creative in LA, as you often get shown new areas and locations to shoot - places you wouldn't necessarily know about otherwise. This time we headed up into the dreamy Hollywood Hills. 

The overall design vibes of the T- shirts take inspiration from 1970s posters, retro graphics and vintage t-shirts so easily fits in with mine and Sara's 'twinng' styles. I cannot explain to you the importance of a T-shirt, I'd probably go as far as saying its my favourite item of clothing. The T-shirt is unconditional, and can be worn whatever the mood! 

All T-shirts and sweaters are Dazey LA


22 November 2016

Seventies School.

Once Sara and I was walking along the road, off to find a magazine shop and buy a coffee. We were in East Hollywood, my happy place. Old cars were parked along side the road and we were lapping them up, they looked so picturesque. We loved our cinematic everything around us felt, everything felt like a retro film.

I remember at one point laughing out loud at our appearance so much, Sara had to take a step back to realise why. It was the way she was carrying her laptop case in front of her chest, with both arms crossed around it.  She looked so cute and innocent. She was also wearing clear lens aviators, a brown suede mini skirt and an embroidered folk blouse. Me being me, looked as if I was 'Shaggy's girlfriend', wearing a olive green long sleeved top, brown suede shorts and a bandanna tied around my head. A little brown tooled leather satchel over my arm. It truly looked as if we were off to 1970s school, packed lunches and lesson books under our arms. As soon as Sara realised, she too was laughing. In all honestly, we looked like we were off to 1970s school everyday. 

The outfit above reminds me of that day in particular, as it too has a similar youthful and seventies preppy feel to it. I love the way it makes me feel, and it stirs up bitter sweet memories for me. Dressing this way, keeps hazy Los Angeles and all these memories alive in my heart. I love vintage cheesecloth, embroidery, suede and peachy skinned fabrics in brown, tanned and camel hues. Just wonderful. 

Spanish Vintage Sheepskin

Photo set by Hannah Mae Clark, taken from a series we have been working recently. 


17 November 2016

Lady Midnight.

These are quite old photos, well from the summer anyway. We had taken a long walk all the way down Finley Ave through Los Feliz, at about midday and I remember feeling so baked from the sun. Can you tell? We had to keep stopping at sitting on the curb side, taking shade in the parked up cars - like a couple of absolute freaks. Still though, I remember we never wished that we were back at home in London, shivering. I'd rather dry up in any dessert, then be back in that sad english grey. Oh wait, that's where I am now...

↣ My old Kate Mossy suede for Topshop, she's a beauty and will never let her go. Feel bad, as she has a view signs of wear and tear now but I know I will love her regardless. She has been with me through a lot of my adventures in the recent years. Olive green vest from Glamorous, Topshop jeans and the belt is from Rokit Vintage.


10 November 2016

Bewildered and Bemused.

Girl of my dreams. This is the dress that hangs in front of all others in my wardrobe. She is a raw beauty, pale pink and layered with tiers like a cake. I feel I can refer to it as a girl, like she's got soul. Worn only a very few times, I save her for really special and nice days. She's the sort that would get misunderstood if found in the wrong environments because she is utterly bewildering. A mystery. No hard edges, beginnings or endings. Floating all around in her paisley pink haze, delicate and see through. She's a Los Angeles hillside at dusk, a sleeping bedroom lit slowly by the rising sun. An energy that comes and goes, lapping on and on and on. 

Don't think the bus driver would quite 'get it'. 

Sara gave me this dress as payment for something or other, but I know she was given it originally from Waking Grey Vintage


7 November 2016

Winter Shade.

London right now, is cold, cold, cold. My spirits are pretty low and all my nostalgic warm memories from past summers are swimming around my mind. Winter doesn't fit me very well, as summer lives permanently in my heart and I'll never be unfaithful to it. The best thing I can do is turn up the heating, listen to 1960s surf music on loop and reside in a vintage pair of 501s for the majority it. 'Live in Levis' as they say. Hopefully, I will come out the fog.

A new pair of velvety sock boots won't do any harm either, and nor will a nice new warm cape.

Vintage Fiddler Cap - Tick Tock Vintage. Ratchet T-shirt - Huf. Vintage Levi 501s - Beyond Retro. Velvet 'Lia' Sock Boots - Public Desire. 'Kumuda' Cape - Allegra. Horse Shoe Pin - Hallow Collective.

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