10 November 2016

Bewildered and Bemused.

Girl of my dreams. This is the dress that hangs in front of all others in my wardrobe. She is a raw beauty, pale pink and layered with tiers like a cake. I feel I can refer to it as a girl, like she's got soul. Worn only a very few times, I save her for really special and nice days. She's the sort that would get misunderstood if found in the wrong environments because she is utterly bewildering. A mystery. No hard edges, beginnings or endings. Floating all around in her paisley pink haze, delicate and see through. She's a Los Angeles hillside at dusk, a sleeping bedroom lit slowly by the rising sun. An energy that comes and goes, lapping on and on and on. 

Don't think the bus driver would quite 'get it'. 

Sara gave me this dress as payment for something or other, but I know she was given it originally from Waking Grey Vintage

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