17 November 2016

Lady Midnight.

These are quite old photos, well from the summer anyway. We had taken a long walk all the way down Finley Ave through Los Feliz, at about midday and I remember feeling so baked from the sun. Can you tell? We had to keep stopping at sitting on the curb side, taking shade in the parked up cars - like a couple of absolute freaks. Still though, I remember we never wished that we were back at home in London, shivering. I'd rather dry up in any dessert, then be back in that sad english grey. Oh wait, that's where I am now...

↣ My old Kate Mossy suede for Topshop, she's a beauty and will never let her go. Feel bad, as she has a view signs of wear and tear now but I know I will love her regardless. She has been with me through a lot of my adventures in the recent years. Olive green vest from Glamorous, Topshop jeans and the belt is from Rokit Vintage.

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