22 November 2016

Seventies School.

Once Sara and I was walking along the road, off to find a magazine shop and buy a coffee. We were in East Hollywood, my happy place. Old cars were parked along side the road and we were lapping them up, they looked so picturesque. We loved our cinematic everything around us felt, everything felt like a retro film.

I remember at one point laughing out loud at our appearance so much, Sara had to take a step back to realise why. It was the way she was carrying her laptop case in front of her chest, with both arms crossed around it.  She looked so cute and innocent. She was also wearing clear lens aviators, a brown suede mini skirt and an embroidered folk blouse. Me being me, looked as if I was 'Shaggy's girlfriend', wearing a olive green long sleeved top, brown suede shorts and a bandanna tied around my head. A little brown tooled leather satchel over my arm. It truly looked as if we were off to 1970s school, packed lunches and lesson books under our arms. As soon as Sara realised, she too was laughing. In all honestly, we looked like we were off to 1970s school everyday. 

The outfit above reminds me of that day in particular, as it too has a similar youthful and seventies preppy feel to it. I love the way it makes me feel, and it stirs up bitter sweet memories for me. Dressing this way, keeps hazy Los Angeles and all these memories alive in my heart. I love vintage cheesecloth, embroidery, suede and peachy skinned fabrics in brown, tanned and camel hues. Just wonderful. 

Spanish Vintage Sheepskin

Photo set by Hannah Mae Clark, taken from a series we have been working recently. 

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