7 November 2016

Winter Shade.

London right now, is cold, cold, cold. My spirits are pretty low and all my nostalgic warm memories from past summers are swimming around my mind. Winter doesn't fit me very well, as summer lives permanently in my heart and I'll never be unfaithful to it. The best thing I can do is turn up the heating, listen to 1960s surf music on loop and reside in a vintage pair of 501s for the majority it. 'Live in Levis' as they say. Hopefully, I will come out the fog.

A new pair of velvety sock boots won't do any harm either, and nor will a nice new warm cape.

Vintage Fiddler Cap - Tick Tock Vintage. Ratchet T-shirt - Huf. Vintage Levi 501s - Beyond Retro. Velvet 'Lia' Sock Boots - Public Desire. 'Kumuda' Cape - Allegra. Horse Shoe Pin - Hallow Collective.

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