29 January 2017

Cinnamon Whirl

A comedown is a dish best served not at all. In your life do you ever have extremely busy periods that are full of angst, fear and excitement that are then maybe followed, brutally, by a few months of intense stillness? Tumbleweed landscapes; where you feel like you're all too aware of every breath you take. Going from not knowing what day of the week it is, to watching the clock tick can leave you feeling mentally bashed and not sure of where you are, or how you feel. This stark contrast in life's momentum is exactly what I have been experiencing.

From the fast and furious pace of 2016,  I'm finding 2017 a far more mellow fellow.  'Slow down sister' became a mantra towards the tail end of last year. Not that I had wanted life to slow, but I guess the universe did.

It's a relief to not have worries as big as the moon, so for now I will enjoy the peace. I've had a few months of feeling dormant but this is crucial for reseting and realigning ones self. It's only been recently that I'm starting to feel ready to take on what ever is next. Cinnamon swirl, baby girl.

I'm star struck with these boots by the way, Terry de Davilland-esque with their glam rock appeal. Feels like they would take centre stage very well. Love the idea of them being worn with something equally as eye grabbing, but in a much softer way. This soft, shaggy knitted jacket is the perfect answer.

Cinnamon Shaggy Jacket by Pretty Little Thing and Silver Star Boots by Public Desire.

Photo's by Brogan Lane.

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