4 January 2017

Fickle Moon.

Hello January. Dry, old, familiar January. What a time to be alive. You might be finding yourself teetering on a point, whimsically speaking. When you pass another mile stone of another year, you can’t help but be faced with a view of your crazy hazy past, and a hopeful yet blank view of your year to come. It can be unnerving, or very exciting.

Who am I, Where am I? What am I doing!? Are just some of the lovely, oh so fascinating questions that are swirling around in my mind right now, and tend to be the personal queries that come for a swirl this time of year. Ideas and goals chop and change, as I think of a loose 2017 forecast. All I know is, it’s not until I have some travel plans sorted for the year that I feel at ease and at peace with myself.

Whether your January be dry, don't let it be uninspired. In my lower, stiller moments, I still look to styling and clothing for my happy place. I've been holding on dearly to summery 1970s cheesecloth as it's one of my most beloved fabrics. Of course, I can't deny its minus degrees outside, so to make my looks practical, I warm up my thin dresses with thick and heavy shearling style coats. I really like the contrast between the 'fairy tale' of loose woven gauze fabrics, met with heavy duty suedes and sheepskin. It's sort of poetic, and kind of reflects exactly how I am feeling at this time of year. 

Both my jacket and 70s dress are from Waking Grey Vintage. My boots are Public Desire, and my metal bag is by Park Lane, via Asos.

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