25 February 2017

Home Sweet Home

Above; Custom Birth Chart by Astrom Council. Suede Crystal Pouch from Melrose Trading Post and All Seeing Eye from Highland Park, Los Angeles. 

If you know me well and in real life, then you'll know when I'm in London I spend a lot of my time indoors at home. I'm don't do the UK winter very well and because of this, I can be a hermit. Truth be told; I'm very beachy at heart, although I live in a city my mind doesn't so much, or at all in fact. 

I'm in a constant day dream about places, and those places are just not London. I especially think about Los Angeles, and all the recent time I've spent there. As I look around my room, I can see my wanderlust has definitely reflected in the way I've nested. Without necessarily realising it over the years I've made my living environment look and feel like a warm beach hut hangout. Step inside, heating turned up, Roy Ayers - 'Everybody Loves the Sunshine' playing and you may feel like you're in Topanga Canyon. 

Above; Vintage Levis coming soon, from E.R. Saloon. Gold Necklaces by Nostalgic Feather. Feather Phone Case from Casetify. Coffee Bean Trivia Shell from Bali. 

In terms of decoration I have a mixture of minimal areas; white wash exposed floor boards, white walls, white wooden skirting etc with densely populated areas; my floor to ceiling shelves, clothing closet etc. I like things crammed into one creative space, and then leaving other areas open and peaceful. It's my sort of Feng Shui. 

There are the feature pieces that I love to death, like my wicker peacock chair and vintage rugs. They definitely set the mood and make the rooms feel way more bohemian and laid back. As for actual possessions, I collect a lot of stuff from travels and have it laying around so that I can constantly have the memories running riot. 

Back to my Topshop personal shopping days, my favourite part would be right before the appointment. You've set the room up for your client, and take a look at everything you've pulled as a whole. You've curated a dynamic room that tells a story. There's a rail of hanging colours, textures and cuts that work very effectively and succinctly with one another. You've laid out shoes, bags and jewellery, all these finishing elements - it's all there to serve a purpose, and that is; to look good. I love clothes, I am extremely passionate about clothes, I connect with clothes. 

For me, a closet, clothing rail, wardrobe etc is an exhibition. Perhaps this is why I have a room just for my clothes alone. 

Above; Leather Copper Moons and Stars Hanging Mobile by Dark Horse Ornament. Cruiser Deck by Hardy Boards.

Fundamentally I love my space and having my own environment, but that doesn't mean I am not adaptable. I'll leave tomorrow if an adventure sprung up. I do a lot of chilling; I like reading, listening to music, sewing on the sewing machine and pressing the snooze button on my alarm. If I can do at least some of these things, then I can be happy anywhere and call it home.

I'm wearing; Vintage 80s Harley Davidson Tee and Vintage 80s Levi 501s both from E.R. Saloon (coming soon!) and images directly above; Vintage Snake Print Shirt from Blitz London and Rio Fedora by Brixton.


19 February 2017

Jean Genie

"I want to die with my blue jeans on.Andy Warhol

Look, I won’t lie. Finding ‘the one’ is hard. It’s exhausting, and you’re going to have to go through many before you manage to get it right. Expect revelations, cold hard truths and errors in judgement before you can finally say you’ve done it. See, when it comes to finding the perfect pair of Vintage Levi 501s, there is a key piece of knowledge you must know before beginning your search. It will help you out massively; The old sizing is whacked out when brought into today’s context, and should be completely ignored. For example, I’m around a W25, but in my favourite pair of my 501s, the label says W30. (I assume you've come to realise about the 'Cowboy Crotch'? And you've considered it's unforgivable waist band and wedgie fit? Course you have, otherwise you wouldn't be on the hunt for a pair). So I shall continue...

First off, get off the Internet. You aren’t going to find your 'first love' sitting behind your laptop screens, flicking back and forth through someone else's inadequate photos. It’s just impossible to know what you are dealing with, if you’ve not yet had face to face contact with some before. You have to get out there, out in the field! Make sure you have an air of availability about you, an ‘in the market to buy’ vibe, but for god sakes do not be desperate. The jeans will smell it on you, and run a mile leaving you; disappointed, broken hearted and with a significant knock to your momentum. No no, regroup. Sleep on it. Use this experience and learn by it. You're stronger then that!

Once, in person, you have found the sizing that fits you then baby, run with it. Shop online, try different colours, different cuts even?! Experiment! 501s are the epitome of timeless style, and decent denim are investments but getting to know your sizing first in person, will save you lots of wasted eBay shopping. Take it from me, I’ve been there, I’ve done it myself.

I’m working on something very rad and exciting, that I’ll be sharing with you all soon - all I can say is, I’ll be able to help you with all your Levi 501 queries, and hopefully match you up with your dream pair. Watch this space! 

Now, the the golden rule. Keep them unwashed for as long as possible. Hell yeah, don't care. Let them go for months at a time, their real denim - they're supposed to work hard, it's what they were born to do! Wash them often, and they'll shrink. You probably won't be expecting the shrink either, so you'll end up struggling to do up the buttons, in unnecessary shock that you've put on weight out of no where. If you're worried about them getting gross, they just avoid doing gross stuff! Simple!? (Or if you really do insist on doing gross stuff, do it in a pair of new breed elasticated stretch denim hehe)

Look, the bottom line; If it was good enough for James Dean, then it sure as hell, is good enough for you & I. 

80s Vintage Striped Shirt & 80s Vintage Levi 501s from E.R Saloon (Coming Soon!). Studded Western Boots from Office. Suede Fringe Jacket by Kate Moss for Topshop. Rose Gold Round Glasses by Rayban. 

Photos by Gemma Talbot.


12 February 2017


 "Perhaps the easiest people to fall in love with are those about whom we know nothing. Romances are never as pure as those we imagine during long train journeys.Alain de Bottom, On Love.

It should be noted whilst you read this luuvv post, that I have a realist (if not cynical) opinion and yes, you can put that on my tombstone. 

I don't know everything, surprisingly. What I do know is that exciting, electric LOVE only physically exists in books, old films and photographs. It does however float around like a ghost in your most prized memories, and it exists in your thoughts about the future. This sort of love is actually LUST and DESIRE dressed up in love’s clothing. It’s an ideology and a powerful concept but nothing more. 

100% genuine LOVE only shows it’s semi attractive/ average looking face, when you start to encounter resilience with someone. It can be with anyone, not just your partner. It’s tolerance, trust and overcoming obstacles - to be quite frank, it's being able to show your most ugliest self to someone and then get away with it with no judgement. I see this genuine breed of love as a universal energy. It’ll be sure to influence your decisions and bring you closer together. 

Then there is HEARTBREAK and you can experience heartbreak as a byproduct from both lust and love. In my recent few years, I’ve undergone some heartbreak. I’ll hold my hand up to two examples, and we’ll forget the rest. One was particularly torturous because in happened where I live. The lust/love was unrequited and for some reason unbeknown to myself, I kept hanging on in there, holding out hope as I figured it could still work out. I found the answer 'no' hard to accept, cried an awful lot, lost my appetite for months and altogether took the rejection very badly. 

The other most recent time wasn’t so torturous, oh no. No it was only... FUCKING HORRENDOUS. And to this day I'm still not too sure on the ins and outs, because I was stuffed back on a aeroplane back to London. I had no time to get my knickers out of the tumble dryer, let alone realise what was really happening. All I did know, was that it was done as the Atlantic Ocean was between us. It was dead in the dirt. Dead as a dodo. I didn't cry too much this time, was that because I knew there was no dancing glimmer of hope with this one? The ‘loss of appetite’ didn’t come included with this heartbreak package, in fact I did the opposite and I ate loads instead, making all my jeans work extra hard for me. But on a positive note, I had a lot of left over energy. I learnt to harness the heartbreak and generate it into a positive fuel. Training it into confidence, focusing on myself and work etc. 

So it's fair to say I was in emotional pain with both of these loveless chapters but the difference between the two situations (skinny ass and fat ass aside) was that one was doused with hope, while the other simply was not. The first instance, 'hope' acted as an assailant to further my sadness whereas in my second instance when hope was annihilated it forced me to accept the situation at hand. 

If you're currently undergoing some heartbreak, don't fret and it definitely will not last forever. It all comes full circle my friend so don't you worry about that. Toughen up cowgirl - hard, old boots are so in anyway. 

So there you have it, my opinion of Lust, Love and Heartbreak. But if you're still yearning for something that's unbreakable, forever faithful and and a kind of love that's rough round the edges, then go to the vintage store and buy yourself some vintage denim jeans. They'll never break your heart. Look at these photographs as evidence. I had to do my vintage 501s up with a wrench, and the only pinches my bum will be receiving this Valentine's day will be from these loyal guys. 

Shaggy Red Wine Jacket from Pretty Little Thing. Vintage Levi 501s. Wide Brim Fedora from Melrose Ave, Los Angeles.'Winding Road' Boots by Free People. Hand Embroidered Ribbon Choker by Abbie Walsh Accessories. 

Photoset by Hannah Mae Clarke


5 February 2017

Rebel Heart

"I like amateurism because those people usually tend to take themselves not so seriously. I think any sort of creative endeavour, if you're in it for long enough, the mechanics of the business - of making money - discolours things a little bit." Noah Taylor. 

For those of you that don't know Noah Taylor, he played Still Water's Manager in Almost Famous among many, many other roles. What he said in this certain interview particularly resonated with me. It's the actual act of doing something just for the pure enjoyment of the process, without really being too conscious and calculative of the final outcome. I actually did my whole final major project for my degree about it years ago, because the notion of 'staying in the moment' really fascinates me. 

I have a blog, yes (you're on it now lolz). My friends take photos of me in my clothes, I write a paragraph or two to a accompany them, and then I share it for the world to see - so I suppose that makes me a blogger? Right then... Maybe even a Blogger with a capital B? It's definitely a term that's getting more and more saturated in this digital age. But hey, I guess I'm playing a part in that saturation. I'm no blogging Veteran, I've had Let's Dust for two and a half years now so perhaps I'm part of the frenzied herd that jumped on the big fat blogging bandwagon, or perhaps I caught the tail end of the dust in the air left from the first few rounds of successors. 

I have indeed been paid in the past for posts, but I also write a lot of my blog for free. Of course I do? It's my blog and I enjoy running it. I witter on about what I love and what I feel strongly about. I'm showing you clothes that fit my mood and tell you story, if you care that is. What I'm not doing, is showing you what's 'hot and what's not'. I'm not directly setting myself up to be of influence, and I'm not asking you to spend your money on the clothes I'm wearing. Hell, I just want to tell you a story through styling, photography, and the written word with an uncontrived, unspoilt and honest reflection of me.   

It's above and beyond INCREDIBLE to be paid for blogging, I am forever grateful for the opportunities given to me, it's funded travel adventures and brought me closer to some of the best people I know. But it's also extremely vital that I remain true to myself. When money becomes a weighing factor, how does this affect the content we put out? I don't want my content to derail from its original destination, on it's journey into the digital stratosphere. We can't really escape anyone in this modern world we live in. It's good to have drive, focus and ambition but fundamentally its worthwhile enjoying the ride, staying humble and not forgetting your roots. Feel inspired and learn by others, but don't obsess their every move. Let go.  
When I started my blog, I was looking for creative recreation because I didn't feel I got enough of it through my job. I worked full time in personal shopping retail and struggled with depression. The combination was pretty soul destroying at times. I loved styling, and being visually expressive so after a friend gave me the encouragement I needed, I made Let's Dust. It seemed like a good idea at the time. Plus I love those D.I.Y in-your-bedroom projects, the type you can stay up late into the night working on.  
Now here's for the disclaimer; I wasn't looking for free clothes, any type of Internet fame or sponsorship by brands. I was looking for therapy. 

Rebel Heart T-shirt by Thrills at Pepper Mayo Australia. Aura Skirt by Free Poeple. Dusty Pink Cardigan from Bershka, and my old smelly boots from Topshop, seasons past.

Photos by Brogan Lane.

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