25 February 2017

Home Sweet Home

Above; Custom Birth Chart by Astrom Council. Suede Crystal Pouch from Melrose Trading Post and All Seeing Eye from Highland Park, Los Angeles. 

If you know me well and in real life, then you'll know when I'm in London I spend a lot of my time indoors at home. I'm don't do the UK winter very well and because of this, I can be a hermit. Truth be told; I'm very beachy at heart, although I live in a city my mind doesn't so much, or at all in fact. 

I'm in a constant day dream about places, and those places are just not London. I especially think about Los Angeles, and all the recent time I've spent there. As I look around my room, I can see my wanderlust has definitely reflected in the way I've nested. Without necessarily realising it over the years I've made my living environment look and feel like a warm beach hut hangout. Step inside, heating turned up, Roy Ayers - 'Everybody Loves the Sunshine' playing and you may feel like you're in Topanga Canyon. 

Above; Vintage Levis coming soon, from E.R. Saloon. Gold Necklaces by Nostalgic Feather. Feather Phone Case from Casetify. Coffee Bean Trivia Shell from Bali. 

In terms of decoration I have a mixture of minimal areas; white wash exposed floor boards, white walls, white wooden skirting etc with densely populated areas; my floor to ceiling shelves, clothing closet etc. I like things crammed into one creative space, and then leaving other areas open and peaceful. It's my sort of Feng Shui. 

There are the feature pieces that I love to death, like my wicker peacock chair and vintage rugs. They definitely set the mood and make the rooms feel way more bohemian and laid back. As for actual possessions, I collect a lot of stuff from travels and have it laying around so that I can constantly have the memories running riot. 

Back to my Topshop personal shopping days, my favourite part would be right before the appointment. You've set the room up for your client, and take a look at everything you've pulled as a whole. You've curated a dynamic room that tells a story. There's a rail of hanging colours, textures and cuts that work very effectively and succinctly with one another. You've laid out shoes, bags and jewellery, all these finishing elements - it's all there to serve a purpose, and that is; to look good. I love clothes, I am extremely passionate about clothes, I connect with clothes. 

For me, a closet, clothing rail, wardrobe etc is an exhibition. Perhaps this is why I have a room just for my clothes alone. 

Above; Leather Copper Moons and Stars Hanging Mobile by Dark Horse Ornament. Cruiser Deck by Hardy Boards.

Fundamentally I love my space and having my own environment, but that doesn't mean I am not adaptable. I'll leave tomorrow if an adventure sprung up. I do a lot of chilling; I like reading, listening to music, sewing on the sewing machine and pressing the snooze button on my alarm. If I can do at least some of these things, then I can be happy anywhere and call it home.

I'm wearing; Vintage 80s Harley Davidson Tee and Vintage 80s Levi 501s both from E.R. Saloon (coming soon!) and images directly above; Vintage Snake Print Shirt from Blitz London and Rio Fedora by Brixton.

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