19 February 2017

Jean Genie

"I want to die with my blue jeans on.Andy Warhol

Look, I won’t lie. Finding ‘the one’ is hard. It’s exhausting, and you’re going to have to go through many before you manage to get it right. Expect revelations, cold hard truths and errors in judgement before you can finally say you’ve done it. See, when it comes to finding the perfect pair of Vintage Levi 501s, there is a key piece of knowledge you must know before beginning your search. It will help you out massively; The old sizing is whacked out when brought into today’s context, and should be completely ignored. For example, I’m around a W25, but in my favourite pair of my 501s, the label says W30. (I assume you've come to realise about the 'Cowboy Crotch'? And you've considered it's unforgivable waist band and wedgie fit? Course you have, otherwise you wouldn't be on the hunt for a pair). So I shall continue...

First off, get off the Internet. You aren’t going to find your 'first love' sitting behind your laptop screens, flicking back and forth through someone else's inadequate photos. It’s just impossible to know what you are dealing with, if you’ve not yet had face to face contact with some before. You have to get out there, out in the field! Make sure you have an air of availability about you, an ‘in the market to buy’ vibe, but for god sakes do not be desperate. The jeans will smell it on you, and run a mile leaving you; disappointed, broken hearted and with a significant knock to your momentum. No no, regroup. Sleep on it. Use this experience and learn by it. You're stronger then that!

Once, in person, you have found the sizing that fits you then baby, run with it. Shop online, try different colours, different cuts even?! Experiment! 501s are the epitome of timeless style, and decent denim are investments but getting to know your sizing first in person, will save you lots of wasted eBay shopping. Take it from me, I’ve been there, I’ve done it myself.

I’m working on something very rad and exciting, that I’ll be sharing with you all soon - all I can say is, I’ll be able to help you with all your Levi 501 queries, and hopefully match you up with your dream pair. Watch this space! 

Now, the the golden rule. Keep them unwashed for as long as possible. Hell yeah, don't care. Let them go for months at a time, their real denim - they're supposed to work hard, it's what they were born to do! Wash them often, and they'll shrink. You probably won't be expecting the shrink either, so you'll end up struggling to do up the buttons, in unnecessary shock that you've put on weight out of no where. If you're worried about them getting gross, they just avoid doing gross stuff! Simple!? (Or if you really do insist on doing gross stuff, do it in a pair of new breed elasticated stretch denim hehe)

Look, the bottom line; If it was good enough for James Dean, then it sure as hell, is good enough for you & I. 

80s Vintage Striped Shirt & 80s Vintage Levi 501s from E.R Saloon (Coming Soon!). Studded Western Boots from Office. Suede Fringe Jacket by Kate Moss for Topshop. Rose Gold Round Glasses by Rayban. 

Photos by Gemma Talbot.

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