23 March 2017

Sky Rocket

I've had a mellow few weeks. I've spent the last month or so completely on my terms, in that I've not had to get up in the morning and rush off to work for someone else. Instead I've been waking up and working from home and when I say 'working from home', I mean working on the launch of my online vintage store; E.R. Saloon. I've been busy adjusting the website, sourcing product to sell, and then the fun part - co-ordinating lots of shoots. I really can't wait to show you everything that's been worked on so far. E.R. Saloon goes live this Sunday (26th March) at 6pm with new arrivals landing every week going forward. Sign up to the mailing list, as you'll find out about promotions, lookbook previews etc and also would just be incredibly appreciated by me. It's quite daunting starting something from scratch, and building it up from the floor so any support and following from you, will really go a long way! 

Anyway, I took a break from my flat and all things E.R.S today and headed out into the fresh air wearing some trusty vintage Levi's to meet a friend. Public Desire had recently sent me these rad disco boots and I wanted to style them down with something that was super laid back. I'll be completely honest with you, I DID NOT wear these on my journey to and from. HAHA no, I wore some converse and put these on to shoot some photos. (I wouldn't make it from east to north in one piece, I would have fallen over about 20 times by now).

These sky high platforms say to me; Get your back up off the wall, it's DISCO TIME! They are fit for centre stage at a glam rock gig. They are a pair of funky party boots, if I ever did see. 

I've always liked to toughen up those obvious party-pieces though, and basically give them a good old slap on the ass! Rough them up a bit. By this I mean take them somewhere unexpected - style them with a leather jacket, dirty them up with denim, have scruffy beach hair etc. I can't be an obvious party girl you see, I just can't do it all! If I've got sky high boots on, then I doubt I'll be wearing a body-con mini dress. If I am wearing a body-con mini dress (then throw a blanket over me, and take me home immediately) then I doubt I'll be wearing it with sky high boots... too much, too soon. 

Vintage 501s are from my online store; E.R. Saloon and my Metallic Platform Boots are from Public Desire, my smelly old jumper is by Free People

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