31 March 2017

Sleepy Saloon Girl

Have you met my sleepy Saloon girl, Chloe? She's drunk on love and is seeing stars, always. Waves of blonde ocean hair, fall down over my 1970s Jungle Jim's tee. What could be more dreamy and desirable than she?

It's quite nice to have a post on on here, that isn't of me for once so I cant actually show you some of my styling work. This is a lookbook, I recently directed for my new online web store E.R. Saloon. If you haven't taken a look yet, then please do! It's been running for almost a week now, but still oh so very new. 

This week, the new arrivals are so insane - it's going to be really hard letting go. I've especially grown so attached to this original 1970s orange tee. It's extremely soft, and I love it's seventies sporty feel. It's got SUMMER OF LOVE written all over it. Full of fun and mischief. 

Photographed by my friend Hannah Mae Clark and modelled by dreamer Chloe Nickerson. 

Vintage 1970s Jungle Jim's tee, available this coming Sunday 2nd April. Now take a walk on the wild side baby, and join us... Into the E.R. Saloon.

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