19 March 2017

True Seventies

It was March 10th and the sun came out, for the first time of 2017. A warmth transcended over London. People were cautious, not quite knowing to trust and believe it. Was this really the first sign of Spring? 

Camper van yes but road tripping, sadly not. Alas those hazy, long journeys filled with sunshine, cigarettes and the fuzzy radio wasn't of the essence this time. No, instead we were just lurking (posing) around some poor bugger's VW that doesn't belong to us. Dare to dream. 

So I just wanted to show you a really easy, everyday outfit for me - a uniform if you will. I'd recently gone to the Hackney Flea Market, at the Bussey Building in Peckham Rye where I picked up this original 1970s long sleeve. What I liked about this piece is it's multi-blend stripes and it's tight fit. It's a signature look from the seventies and cannot be mistaken for any other era. There are so many modern imitations of this style of 70s top, it's really nice to have found an original classic. I'm always looking out for this type of stuff, as I know I'll get so much wear from it. A true vintage staple and handy as hell! I'll wear this with all my vintage jeans, and I'll play around from converse to western boots.

Long Sleeved Top is an original from 1970s, my jeans are of course heavenly vintage Levis 538s from my store E.R. Saloon (launching 26th March). Vintage tassel leather jacket from my girl Sara at Waiste Vintage. Black mesh boots are from Public Desire, belt and sunglasses are both ASOS.
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