4 March 2017

Worn Thin

“Luxury is the ease of a t-shirt in a very expensive dress.” 
― Karl Lagerfeld

To be quite honest, I can't make sense of this quote. I think what Karl is trying to say here is if you can entertain comfort and style in one, then this is an absolute luxury, so well done. Or, perhaps he means the ease of a t-shirt is the same blissful experience as the luxury of an expensive dress? Hopefully with either of these, I've interpreted it right. 

The ease of a t-shirt, is a very beautiful thing. It doesn't require much know how. You can love fashion and style, or you can be very far removed and not give a dam, yet the T-shirt speaks all languages and can be understood by all. To many, the T-shirt serves a basic purpose, to others it serves a bold fashion statement. It can be widely appreciated and collected, or completely over looked and disregarded. 

What's your relationship like with T-shirts?

My relationship with T-shirts, makes for a lovely tale. It's a two way, well balanced and functioning relationship, that goes way back. Commendably, I've always held them up quite high as I see them as a great wardrobe essential. I know they are more then compatible with other things on my clothes rail. I'll team a T-shirt with a leather jacket, I'll wear it with good pair of jeans, cut off shorts, or I'll simply not take it off and roll into bed with it. Recently, I've been wearing this one T-shirt of mine underneath a tulle layered dress. Versatile no?

I like to go for the well worn, paper thin, super soft, see through, cotton types. Vintage of course. The more distressed the better, I love holes, I love the stitching to be coming undone, I love the colour fade. Hard to come by, unless you have your trusty sources. Believe me, there are racks and racks of vintage T-shirts in your local vintage stores, but how many of them of them are rigid and thick? 

The one I'm wearing here, is a recent find. A 1970s worn-in babe, she is really showing her age. Perfect and beautiful in my opinion. If you too, happen to really appreciate lovely vintage T-shirts like me then I have some exciting news. Watch this space. 

Vintage original 1970s Highland West Panthers, super soft thin cotton T-shirt - available to buy soon on my store E.R. Saloon.

Rio Fedora from new S/S17 Brixton. Crop Kick Flare Jeans, are cut down Jamie Flares from Topshop. Studded Levi Boots from Office

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