28 May 2017

Left Behind.

Photo set by Lauren Lotz taken in Los Angeles, May 2017. 

I am wearing; polka dotted mesh top from Pretty Little Thing, vintage Levi's 501s from my shop E.R. Saloon and baby pink 'Crystal Vision' from I'm With the Band


14 May 2017

Drive By

I dropped off the face of the earth, or rather off the face of my blog, definitely not the earth. That's a bit dramatic. It's been a  few weeks since my last post and for that I'm sorry. Maybe you haven't even noticed but it’s been a little over a month. Explanation? I got very caught up, what with my new vintage online store taking it’s first baby steps into the online world (it’s now in its 6th week of being ALIVE), and balancing this with the agency work I do (for food and kitchen staff, so glam, I know but I’ve got to hustle if I want to keep my creative ambitions afloat) I’ve been super busy.

I wanted to check in as I write at an exciting time - I’m between two trips. I’ve just got off of one, with London Girl’s Surf Club in Devon (video is premiering at HOUSE OF VANS soon, it's going to be a barrel of laughs and pure entertainment, please make sure you stay tuned with me on my Instagram etc to see when that drops) and I’m about to head back off to LA, to hunt for vintage, see my friends and generally hang loose. So all in all, I'm feeling happy and have a glorious feeling of fulfilment. 

I'm gonna roll straight onto the plane, wearing this sort of combo in these photos - a vintage T-shirt and some Levi's. True classic Eliza style! Maybe I'll swap the DISCO PLATFORMS for some chilled out converse..... depends. Joke, I'll obviously wear converse... maybe. Thank you to Public Desire by the way, for always hooking me up with centre stage stealing footwear! These disco boots (that's become their name now) are giving me LIFE at the moment, I love their glam rock vibe. Pure David Bowie feels! I've been mastering how to walk in them, and getting better every time I do - thanks for asking! 

And has for this smoking hot belt I'm wearing. It's vintage, and fucking rad. It's my hell cat, heavy metal chain link belt which I love looped through my jeans, or over a maxi wrap dress. You know, just to set the look. It's currently for sale on E.R. Saloon but the moment anyone actually buys it, is a moment I keep blotting out from my mind, and a moment that I don't want to think about quite frankly. 

If the moment does come, I'll probably take it to bed with me one last time, and sleep with it all cuddled up. Intertwined with it. It's just so beautiful. 

Everything I'm wearing is vintage, apart from the boots which are from Public Desire
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