20 August 2017

Soul Vibrations

I found this floral dress in one of the charity shops whilst I was back home in the south east of England. It's originally from Miss Selfridge, and I'm thinking from the 90s due to it's label, fitted cut and spaghetti straps. It cost me £3.50. 

After discovering this pair of Converse were actually the extra high tops, I took a pair of scissors and cut them down. I had bought them on Depop and didn't realise they weren't the regular kinds. I'm looking forward to washing them, so that they raw edge will fray and soften. I often buy my converse second hand, because I prefer them worn in and the fabric already faded. It means I can put them straight on without having to worry about blisters, and I much prefer the look of soft converse instead of brand new shiny ones. These cost me £15. 

My fisherman cap was sent to me by Out Of Step Ltd, and it's by Brixton. I'm a regular wearer of Brixton hats, as their collections are always made perfectly. Other then Lack of Color, I don't think there are any other brands out there that smash it. They bring new ones out every season using colour palettes and fabrics that I just adore. This hat was gifted, so it cost me £0. 

15 August 2017

Sacred Hawk

"I learnt that clothes and make up can change your personality, and wearing the right things, you can do a lot of things you might not have done otherwise". Christian Louboutin

I've always been drawn to clothes, and using them as my second language has only been something that's got more and more evident. I've always noticed from a far, there are people who believe 'fashion' doesn't concern them. They are fools. From a young age, I learnt this. You're clothes and the way you dress, speak for you and will always concern you. Let's communicate before we even have to open our mouths. 

Dress by Sacred Hawk. Boots by Toga. Bag is vintage. 
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