29 October 2017

Forever Love

I'm drinking from my favourite mug as I write this. Printed on it's side is a pair of spurred cowboy boots. A cameo rope frames the boots and in the words of Dolly Parton, it reads; Working 9-to-5. It's the perfect design. I love this mug. 

Oh Dolly! Big blonde hair, iconic outfits, soulful bluegrass to straight up country - I love a good Dolly song, who doesn't? We can all relate to her themes of childhood nostalgia, heartbreak, and of course the most relatable, that of the daily grind. Although for me, its more like working from 5-to-1(am). 

If in a blogging courtroom, the fashionable judge would now shout out WHERE IS THIS GOING?! But I reassure; 'I promise, I have a point'. 

It's currently midnight, but I'm casually typing away like it's a Wednesday afternoon. My body clock and sleeping pattern has been jarred (no, bulldozed to the side of the road) due to my current job at a bar. Don't worry, I've been having A LOT of fun - who knew I like to drink a whisky sour every night AND sing loudly to myself as I mop up an in the girls bathroom? BUT it's been killing my blogging game. I get my writing flow and stupid hours, which is fine - but I haven't been able to work with any of my creative buds to take actual outfit photos due to this out-of-sync-lifestyle. 

So there, I'm giving you some back round story into why my blog has been dormant lately
and finally here is a post. I'm recapping on my forever loves when it comes to my own style, you know, incase you have forgotten. 

Levi's 501s

I know I don't wear much else when it comes to my lower half. When shooting looks for this blog, I really have to try hard to not keep returning to my 501's just so my posts have some variation. But near enough every time I just wear them anyway. Vintage denim jeans are what's authentic to me and in reality it's what I am wearing. I have them on repeat, in slightly varying sizes, lengths and washes. 

I don't honestly know anything else on this planet that will cup and lift up your bum cheeks then a pair of well fitting Levi's. It's thanks to their cut, rigid fabric, and thick seaming that goes down the back and between your legs. Pair them with some really strappy high heels, 70s ankle boots or a pair of vans. 

Vintage silk scarfs

Whether I am tying one around a bag, wrapping one through my belt loops to hold up my jeans, wrapping one around a loose bun in my hair, or tying them around my head - period, to wearing it as a top in summer - I cannot get enough of vintage silk scarfs. Often inexpensive and easy to find, it's not long before you've built up a large collection of different colours and styles. You can pick and choose to find ones that goes with all your outfits.

I love to make my everyday outfits unique to me. With a silk scarf, this is easily done. Break up a black maxi dress, or a simple 'jeans and t-shirt' look by using scarf as a belt. It lends that pop of pattern and colour, that no one else is going to have. 

Soft T-shirts

Look the jig is up, I know by now you've guessed that I love soft vintage t-shirts so I won't go into too much detail again. THEY ARE A FRICKIN' BAD BABY ESSENTIAL 

Statement Shoe

When I am orchestrating an outfit, shoes are never just an after thought. Where I can throw on any of my jeans, with any of my tops without consideration the shoes really are the key to the overall vibe. The 'who do I wanna be today?'.  Wether it be a shimmering disco boot, a wooden clog, a striped pair of beaten up Vans or a piece of beef jerky fashioned into a pair of flip flops - then I'm listening. It's the finishing line to my race, it's the lid to my tooth paste. Shoes are well, the socks to my feet. 

I shed a small tear on a weekly basis that I don't own the Miu Miu platform boots of dreams but these here, from Public Desire come in very close. I love their shimmering pewter tone, it reminds me of the moon.  

(BTW, I've been hitting up Barre class on the regular - don't you think my bum is getting peachy?)

Daily Jewellery

I have the same jewellery on everyday, I sleep in it and it never comes off. I've recently transitioned from silver to gold (you can read that post here) and I keep it relatively simple. For my ears I wear multiple gold hoops at once, in varying sizes. A couple of simple fine chains around my neck. For nights out, I'll likely add some more statement pieces. Lately I've been loving everything from Rock'n'Rose, they do some really cool affordable bits. 


My sunglasses have aways got to reference an era past and contribute a strong vintage feel to my outfit. From 50s rockabilly, 60s kitten to 70s disco fever it's all easily achieved by selecting the right pair of sunglasses. I usually just hit up Ebay and Etsy for this. 

(Okay, I am really showing off my bum now....that's enough, I'll totally stop it)

Silk scarf and Levi's 501s both vintage, Playboy T-shirt from Playboy, check double breasted coat from Pretty Little Thing, platform boots are from Public Desire. All gold jewellery from Blonde Solace and sunglasses I found on Ebay. 

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